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Age: 15
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Jet Black(Natural) Platinum Blonde(Dyed)
Skin Color: Bronze
Ethnicity: Black&White
Likes: Candy and Soda
Dislikes: Rain, Cats, and Worms

Appearance (Detailed): Johnny is roughly 5'10'' with bronze tanned skin. His eyes are emerald green with hints of hazel around the pupil. His natural hair color is jet black, but he died it platinum blonde because 1: he thought it looked cool and 2: as an effort to hide his identity. He's not very muscular but he's toned especially his legs. He has a scar across his face after he was struck by lightning. On either of his hands are a + and - symbol which allow him to conjure and/or solidify electricity. The sides of his head are shaved and he gels his hair back so that it doesn't spike(it's naturally spiky). He often wears a tailored rain coat and boots made of a specialized rubber fabric, he also has gloves made of the same material. Down both of his arms are bands which are used to dampen the electrical effects of his physiology, however when he is angered or overcharged they begin to snap and he ends up having to replace them. 

Personality: Johnny is a energetic guy, easy to anger but also easy to forget (he has a very short attention span and rarely ever remembers anyone's name, usually making up nicknames for people). He's shy around the opposite sex, mostly because he doesn't trust them but also because he has a hard time getting close to people. He yearns for attention, the easiest for him to swallow though is negative attention, and when praised he often gets quiet and shy, especially from girls. In an effort to curb his anger problems he developed a 3-strike point system; whenever someone goes past 3 shit tends to hit the fan. Due to his sporatic nature though some things get more points then others. He hates when his hair gets messed up and one of his nervous ticks is that he runs his fingers through it. He cannot swim and naturally has an aversion to water; he also dislikes rainy days and storms. He loves candy and caffine and dislikes worms because he finds them disgusting. He also dislikes cats because of the abundance that were around his orphanage...he's not good with animals in general. His motto is that money rules the world and so he often only does things for money.

Abilities: The + and - symbols on his thumbs and when brought together allow him to summon electricity which he can use for various things: projectiles, melee weapons, etc. His body also has a high electric potential so he can withstand high amounts of electricity before he begins to feel the effects. He's moderately skilled in hand-to-hand fighting after the many streetfights he sadly gotten himself into as well as basic sword fighting techniques. One of the drawbacks to his ability is that after he uses it he tends to sleep for a long time. He has a limited knowledge of his potential and so he only uses his power to either augment his physical strength and reaction time to an extent or to summon it into a sword which he calls Jacob's Saber (heh...get it? Like Jacob's Ladder but it's a sword...I thought it was cool.)

Backstory: Johnny's parents left him when he was young and he grew up in an orphanage for the majority of his life. He was a small child and was often picked on and called a freak because of the markings on his thumbs. When he was 13 he left the orhpanage in search of work. As he was traveling he was caught in a thunderstorm, he sought refuge under a tree which was struck getting him in the surge of electricity that was sent into the ground, the symbols on his thumbs began to glow and he was surrounded by crackling energy. He managed to get to the next town before collapsing on the ground. Anyone who managed to touch him was badly shocked as he was overcharged with electricity so he was left there in the street, pleading on the muddy ground for someone to help. They only stared in awe as the boy was cloaked with sparks. He grew angry and with that anger ended up discharging the stored electricity in a burst around him catching many people in the burst. He awoke to charred corpses and houses reduced to ash around him. Ever since then he had been on the road until he reached the city where he got a job as a pizza delivery man. 

So far that's all I got. I've been sketching rough drafts of him and I'll probably be posting those pretty soon. Also might post some storyboards I have sketched yeah. Comment on what you think about it as well as anything else iunno what people do with these other than read them...


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Um...I like to draw, it's been a major part in my life for a long time and it will probably stay that way. *inches towards my desk*


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